At RES we love getting briefed on projects that are a little kooky and outside of our expected capabilities. Having worked directly with Unilever on a number of successful launch campaigns, we have built a body of work and trust and are often asked to take the shell of an idea and flesh it out into a well executed piece of communication.

Unilever approached RES to help them create an animated commercial for their new Nutrish Soup line from Continental. The client had a high level idea and we helped shape it and bring it to life.

Our Senior Designer Gabriel Souza, took to the task of creating the characters for this animation from rudimentary illustrations on the hero product packs, and then developed the client's story idea of a fun bootcamp workout led by a seriously sanguine chicken. The work was completed in four quick weeks using a traditional frame-by-frame hand drawn technique. Not quite as fast as it takes to make a cup of soup but a good result all the same!