Using Dorothea Mackellar’s evocative poem, ‘My Country’ as the visual inspiration for a new Australian first fresh sourcing policy campaign for Woolworths, Greenhouse tasked Resolution with crafting an online and TV campaign that was a visual homage to Australia from farmland to field.

Tim Dyroff, Creative Director at RES worked with Etienne Ancelet, Editor, crafting the visual journey using spectacular drone and landscape cinematography mixed with more intimate hand held shots, such as a farmer looking skyward as a storm front approaches or mud stained hands brushing off a freshly picked potato.

The VFX are subtle and seamless, incorporating matte painting techniques as well as careful grading and Flame integration, each vignette was purposefully treated to provide a visually cohesive look and mood to the varied landscapes and what was captured on film.

We hope you enjoy the results and keep buying Aussie!