Opening our eyes to discovery is a compelling proposition for film and one that Director Tim Dyroff and the team at RES embraced with passion for Dan Murphy’s latest Cinema, TV and online campaign.

“In a busy four-day shoot schedule, we maximised the cinematic opportunities by shooting with a lighter crew” says Christine Koole EP. “This approach to the production allowed us to get as many setups as possible into our long shoot days and build 5, 10 and 15 second stories for digital with lots of options available”.

Once in post, there were just as many demands, with a tight turnaround required for a pre Christmas release. By taking on the production and post under one roof we had a huge advantage in managing the complex overlapping schedule while maintaining the craft. The Christmas vineyard scene that closes the spot was one of the biggest VFX shots to build before it went to air. Our experienced Nuke artists camera tracked, roto-scoped, comped and relit the entire sequence from location-based VFX plates, meeting the sacred deadline with stunning results.