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Agency_ M&C Saatchi
Brand_ Big W
Prod Co_ Resolution 
Director_ Peter Moore

Partnering with Big W, RES created 29 x 15" unique retail spots each showcasing a Big W product. We saw these spots through to completion from start to finish, with special use of 2D animation to bring the products and prices to life. 


Production Stills


Each spot was carefully crafted to highlight the unique features and benefits of the products, ensuring they stood out in a competitive retail environment. The vibrant and engaging animations not only captured the attention of viewers but also effectively communicated the value proposition of each featured item.

To maximize the impact of these spots, RES employed a meticulous production process, including scripting, storyboarding, and post-production refinement. The integration of 2D animation allowed for a dynamic presentation of product information, making it more memorable and engaging for the audience. The collaboration with Big W was a seamless blend of creative vision and retail strategy, resulting in a series of advertisements that were both visually appealing and commercially effective. The successful execution of this project underscores RES's capability to deliver high-quality, innovative advertising solutions that drive consumer engagement and sales.


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