Crafted Ice-Cream - Blue Ribbon

Nothing’s more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a new brief, especially when that involves launching a new sustainable delicious ice cream for Blue Ribbon. Jokes aside, the campaign involved crafting a Victorian dairy farm made entirely from creamy premium ice cream.

Working in Maya (3D) we modelled the entire world of rolling hills, dairy cows and farm hands then sculpted their surface to look and feel as textural as the ice cream itself. We ‘filmed’ each scene from our detailed storyboard from multiple angles and took the ‘rushes’ into edit, much as we would in a traditional film shoot. This gave us plenty of opportunity to make sure our 30 second brand spot would be a solid base of the other assets the campaign needed such as 10’ and 6 second cutdowns. The campaign also involved building significant digital and print assets as part of the launch including assets for the mega screens at Westfield and various banners and gif sequences. It resulted in a campaign we’re very proud of.
Take a look at the work…

  • Client Blue Ribbon
  • Prod Co Resolution Design
  • Director Tim Dyroff