Jody Dwyer

Compelling Storytelling, Sensitivity in Performances, Master of VFX Jody is a writer-director with 25 years experience in commercial and feature filmmaking. He’s a storyteller first and foremost with a cinematic eye for composition and a real sensitivity towards performance. His clear story telling abilities, his talent direction and his extensive knowledge of post-production and VFX… Read more »

Tracey Rowe

Highly visual, Performance-driven, Emotive storytelling Tracey is an International award winning Director who brings a unique strong visual storytelling style to life. Through a combination of beautiful design and emotive narratives, she has developed a signature style that has made her a favourite amongst clients. With years of large post effects driven campaigns she combines… Read more »

Josh Logue

Master of Comedy, Character driven, Unique visual approach Josh is a comedy and VFX director who carved out a career in the design space before moving into music video directing, live action and animation. His performance and narrative skills lay in creating or developing characters that make us laugh, cry or cringe. Over the past… Read more »

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce is an award-winning director, cinematographer and photographer. He’s created music videos for the leading bands including, The Temper Trap, Eskimo Joe and Duran Duran. Andrew’s unique style has earned him a niche market in the industry, creating original storytelling and compelling visuals. His photography has been exhibited throughout Australia and internationally, including Sydney,… Read more »


Not a Director per se, SCUF brings expertise and artistry to installations and experiential works of scale and beauty. A unique artist with a background in engineering and fine art, SCUF can take a project from concept design and fabrication to construction. Highly collaborative and skilled at site management and creating real-world experiences. Let your… Read more »

Dylan McIntyre

Dylan is a design director with real creative vigor, impressive technical intelligence and a silver Cannes Design Lion under his belt. His passion for strong visual imagery has led him to create an impressive body of work including the multi-awarded ‘Art of Noise’ as well as content for Sydney Opera House, Fox Sports & HTC…. Read more »

Tim Dyroff

Strong visual story telling, Natural performances, Seamless post and design, Tim is a unique Directorial talent able to combine natural performance, animation, design and visual effects work into a confident cinematic style. Tim’s work reflects his passion for craft and his desire to leave the audience with an emotional and uplifting experience. His work for… Read more »